Want to know the meaning of Embedded Computer Systems

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Want to know the meaning of Embeddeb Computer Systems? This is the answer

Maybe you've heard about Embedded Computer? This term may only be known by people who are involved in the world of information and technology. In order to understand better, let's discuss one by one about this embedded computer.

Understanding Embedded Computer Systems
Embedded Computer Systems

Embedded Computer is a computer device designed with a specific purpose. The system in embedded consists of hardware and software. See the hardware for the parts as follows:

  • Microprocessor or microcontroller
  • External Memory
  • I / O
  • Sensor
  • Keypad
  • LED
  • LCD

Various Embedded Computer Systems

Want to know the meaning of Embedded Computer Systems

Based on the function and also its performance, the embedded computer system is divided into two, including the following.

Stand-alone embedded system.

The characteristics of this embedded system include:

  • Works automatically
  • Can do division based on the scale
  • Can make changes from one form to another
  • Processed data can be displayed on the screen (LCD)

Examples that can be applied to stand-alone embedded systems include:

  1. Works automatically
  2. Can do division based on the scale
  3. Can make changes from one form to another
  4. Processed data can be displayed on the screen, for example LCD
  5. Examples that can be applied to stand-alone embedded systems include:
  6. Video Game Console
  7. MP3
  8. Digital camera
  9. Cellphone

Information technology today has entered when convergence has become an inseparable part of the development itself. Various new features can be added and also adapted to existing technological achievements. Such technology can be found on mobile phones both foreign and domestically.

Embedded Real Time System

System that can be categorized as real time if the response time is considered important. The real time embedded system itself is also divided into two, namely embedded systems, real time and soft real time.

Embedded Hard Real Time System - In this operating system, if the time exceeds the specified time it can cause a fatal failure and the device is also damaged. For the response time limit is very thin, only in milliseconds or even shorter. Examples of objects that use this system are missiles, and air bag control systems in cars.

Embedded Soft Real Time System - Unlike hard real time, in this system, response time can be set to a certain extent. Even if it has exceeded the specified time limit, it can cause the performance to decline but the system can still function. Examples of objects that use this system are microwave, washing machine, rice coocker.

Embedded system in motorized vehicles

In motorized vehicles, especially cars, embedded computer systems are also installed to facilitate vehicle control and also improve passenger safety. Supported by increasingly sophisticated electronic technology, automotive experts can create an electronic active steering steering system. Using this technology, the driver can be facilitated. Even the technological sophistication of four-wheeled vehicles will be as sophisticated as aircraft.

With an automatic control system or commonly called autopilot, the distance between vehicles on the freeway can be shortened so that the road capacity can increase and also avoid congestion. Cars that use autopilot can move more efficiently with lower levels of air pollution. Still, to get to such a system, an automatic control system requires changes, compromises and concessions from the creator himself. Plus automotive companies must work together to produce communication equipment that can fit between one device and another so that all cars can move in harmony.

Embedded system on cellphones

Cellphone technology is now shifting towards smart phones or often called smartphones. Smartphone itself is a form of network operating system that is converted into a device that can be carried anywhere. Smartphone technology will continue to grow along with the development of computer technology and communication technology.

Talking about the technology used in smartphones is a blend of communication technology capabilities with device technology to access the internet. In other words, smartphone technology is a reflection of the development of internet technology. If we look at the components used on smartphones, here are some of the technologies used on smartphones.

Technology on screen - In this section it's clear the development of the technology. Starting only in black and white with a resolution that is still low, then developed into color until a high resolution and finally until the screen uses touch screen technology or touch screen. Now also the screen that initially can only be upright can be changed to width (landscape) only with the movement of the cellphone.

Battery technology - Battery technology on smartphone is also growing. Now there are many smartphone with large battery capacity. Despite its large capacity, its weight remains light. This is influenced by chip technology that can save energy on smartphone.

Chip technology - Technology actually exists in nanotechnology. This causes the shape to be smaller but has great ability. In addition, this technology can also reduce the heat released by the smartphone.

Operating system technology - Smartphone sophistication is also supported by a very reliable operating system. Currently, the type of operating system used on smartphone is Android, Blackberry, and Iphone.

Technology in applications - Smartphone can also be embedded in various applications that are not much different from applications on a PC. There are applications for entertainment purposes, there are also business needs, even for account management can also be done like how to remote PC with Android for example. Social media is the most excellent application on smartphone.

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