big ed 90 day fiance neck

'90 Day Fiancé' star Big Ed - real name Ed Brown is arguably the most talked-about star of Season 4. One area of interest concerns Ed's physical appearance, especially where it concerns his short neck. As it turns out, the reality star has a rare medical condition.
big ed 90 day fiance neck

What Exactly is KFS - Klippel Feil Syndrome

KFS syndrome, as 90 Day Fiance cast member Ed Brown has, is a rare disorder and is congenital (meaning you have it when you’re born). At least two neck vertebrae in Klippel Feil patients are fused from birth. That’s why their necks are shorter than “normal”. Those with KFS also suffer mobility issues in their upper bodies.

You can see this when you watch Ed out with his adorable dog Teddy on Before the 90 Days. He seems stiff when he bends over - that’s the Klippel Feil at work. In addition to the physical issues with KFS, it can cause chronic headaches, plus neck and back pain. It’s rare and only about 1 in 40,000 infants are born with it.

You can see from the 90 Day Fiance comments above, that once word spread about Big Ed’s KFS syndrome, many backed off making comments about his physical appearance. This is a birth defect and one that Ed Brown likely struggles with every day due to pain and prejudice against his appearance. Keep watching TLC’s Before the 90 Days for more on Ed Brown and Rose.

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