Kindergarten how-to writing - A Place Called Kindergarten

If your child has entered kindergarten and is learning to write, here are tips on several ways for the Kindergarten how-to writing - A Place Called Kindergarten:

1. Write by thickening trace the dot
Kindergarten how-to writing - A Place Called Kindergarten

The method of teaching children to write by thickening trace the dot is very easy for kindergarteners to follow. You can even create your own pattern manually that depicts a specific letter, number, shape or a series. The pattern of dots can be created using a pencil.

In addition to making it manually and wanting to be easier in teaching children to learn to write, trace the dot can also be found from a book or print similar fonts through an internet image. This way is quite practical because it can shorten the time rather than make it yourself.

Through this trace the dot method, the child can thicken or connect each point in order to create a specific shape.

2. Write by thickening thin letters
Kindergarten how-to writing - A Place Called Kindergarten

You can start inviting and training the child in thickening thin letters after he or she has successfully completed the trace the dot method.

Just like the previous method, children who try to thicken thin letters can use similar media. From creating your own, using children's books to learn to write to finding thin letters on the internet and printing on A4 paper.

In choosing a letter pattern, try to find a large pattern so that your child can learn to the maximum. Letters that are too small will only make him feel difficult.

When learning to thicken thin letters, you can use different types of letters from A to Z. Various shapes to difficulty in each letter make the child learn to solve problems.

3. Write by tracing
Kindergarten how-to writing - A Place Called Kindergarten

Holding a pencil or forming letters can sometimes be one of the difficulties for children who have problems when writing.

To do so, you need to help the method of how to learn to write to make it easier to apply. One method that can be used when the child has entered kindergarten is to write by tracing.

As it is known that tracing includes activities in imitating a particular letter, number or shape using a pattern. This tracing method usually uses a paper medium that is more tips than the top of it, so that the child can easily see the type of pattern that can be applied to tracing.

This method of applying writing by tracing can help your child slowly. By teaching through tracing methods, if routinely done can provide new developments for him.

Even later, children will be able to be independent without the need to use patterns again to plagiarize.

4. Write in single letter
Kindergarten how-to writing - A Place Called Kindergarten

Another step that can help your child in learning to write is diligently writing single letters. Of the 26 alphabets available from A-Z can train its development.

When you have a child write in a single letter, you can split it into vowels first.

If it has been well-ed, it can be continued to the consonant letter. Even at any time, it doesn't make it any wrong to mix the two so that your child's abilities increase.

This single letter can continue to be trained consistently so that the child's abilities are as expected.

5. Writing with syllables

When they are in kindergarten, children need to be taught to write. One of the other methods that can be applied is to learn to write one word. This method can be done after he can write letters per letter.

You may also understand that a syllable is included in the section that is expected to make it easier for children to learn to write.

With the many syllables introduced such as ba, ca, da, fa, ga and others can provide positive benefits. In addition to making it easier to learn to write, children can also quickly learn to read through the help of a syllable.

As a parent, you also need to provide moral support as your child slowly learns to write. To appreciate a child's writing, it doesn't take a while to paste the writing in an open space on some side of the house.

When appreciated like this, unwittingly your child can find himself valuable because effort when learning to write is appreciated.

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