opinion writing for kindergarten

Opinion writing for kindergarten! When is the right time to teach a child to write? Can kindergarten start being taught to write?
opinion writing for kindergarten

Is learning to write kindergarten right?

Writing is a complex process for children. In activities that look simple for adults today, the child should at least have some abilities, such as:

Fine motor, such as using a pencil

Understand that letters can be stringed together so as to form meaningful words

Letter organization skills

Recognize vocabulary and pronunciation

Remembering what he learned.

Due to this complexity, the ideal age for children to learn to write is 6 years. At this time, the child's fine motor skills, such as holding a pencil, so that the writing is more organized and readable. Nevertheless, the child has begun to be taught to write some early if he or she shows interest. At the age of pre-reading skill (4-5 years), there are also children who are already comfortable using stationery so that they can start to be given a game of finding a way or connecting the dots to form letters and numbers.

How to learn to write kindergarten
opinion writing for kindergarten

Even if the child has shown an interest in writing, learning to write kindergarten can be a challenging activity. Because, children have a short focal range, not to mention their smooth motor skills are not yet perfect. Therefore, teaching writing to kindergarten children also has its own tricks, namely:

Following in the footsteps of

In the early stages, give numbers and letters that are dotted or dotted, then ask the child to cut them down. It aims to train the brain, nerve cells, as well as the muscles of the child's hand while introducing the shape of the number or letter itself.

Coloring in lines

Invite your child to a fun number and letter recognition activity, such as striping using watercolors.

Use other media

Introducing children to writing can also be done with sand media, whiteboards and chalk, among others.

Using technology 

There is a tablet equipped with a special pen that allows the child to draw or write numbers or letters. You can make this a method of learning to write kindergarten, but it should always be done under adult supervision so as not to violate its rules.

What are the benefits of opinion writing for kindergarten?

In this era of modernization, children may be able to type rather than write, especially if the screen time is not limited. In fact, writing is an important part of literacy for children's growth. This consideration of 'better writing than playing smartphones' is what most parents choose to choose kindergarten that teaches writing. In addition, learning to write kindergarten children also has benefits, such as:

opinion writing for kindergarten

Train hand and eye coordination

A study revealed that children with fine motor skills who feel well from an early age will also have good writing and counting skills so that academically they will look superior to their peers.

Helps the child express his or her thoughts

Studies reveal a child with neat writing easily expresses his opinion in public because it is also related to his brain activity.

Increase a child's confidence

Children who cannot write at a certain age are often labeled lazy children so as to influence their behavior and confidence in the future.

Avoiding plagiarism

One study also revealed that learning to write kindergarten has a long-term effect, namely avoiding children from using un formal language in official reports and avoiding plagiarism.

Avoid disgraphics

Learning to write kindergarten is also believed to avoid disgraphic in children. Disgraphic is the difficulty of children composing letters to become words. Regardless of differences in assumptions about kindergarten children's learning activities, you should base this decision on the child's own readiness. If the child has shown interest in writing since preschool age, it does not help to choose kindergarten that involves the child in writing activities.
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